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Calling all Future Sports Writers!

Cape Wide Sports is looking for interns from all schools on the Cape and Islands to cover the athletic competitions at their school. We are also searching for volunteers from youth sports organizations to contribute articles that promote their organization. Interested parties can contact the Cape Wide Sports editorial staff by submitting the contact form located on the About Us Page.


Welcome to Cape Wide Sports, your online source for local sports on the Cape. In the upcoming months the staff at Cape Wide Sports will be setting up relationships with local sports organizations to provide you with up to date sports information on your favorite teams. We will also be looking for individual amateur sports writers to help provide article for sports teams in their area. We also are looking forward to forging relationships with local coaches to provide our users with the inside scoop on your team. As the site comes together more over the next month feel free to contact us with any suggestions on content you would like to see. We hope to be the voice of the local sports fan and give the young athletes the attention they deserve for their hard work and dedication.

High School Coaching Vacancies

A current list of vacancies provided to us is available here.

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